Ah! It's a Snake!

by Marie Lauver
(Memphis, TN, USA)

When my grandma was still able to get on her knees and garden she was out in the yard for about three hours each day. She always enjoyed planting roses, tomatoes, cabbages, squash, and potatoes.

One day she was out gardening and I was sitting on her porch reading some sort of magazine when I heard her shriek. Thinking she must have hurt herself I ran down to the garden and saw her running in the opposite direction. She called to me and told me not to go any closer to the garden, that she had heard a rattlesnake and to stay away.

She lives in PA and I knew the rattlesnake was indigenous to that region so I wasn't surprised that a rattlesnake would have taken home in her garden. There's mice and frogs for it to eat, I didn't blame it.

Rattlesnakes and Grandmothers don't mix
My grandmother said she had barely gotten out of the snakes way, she was pruning some of her flowers and didn't notice it slithering in between the dirt rows. She had just looked down and saw it curled up in a defense position when she managed to get up quickly and back away. It tried to bite her on the ankle but she pulled her foot back in enough time.

Animal Control to the Rescue

Well, we couldn't have a rattlesnake in the garden and I wanted to enjoy the rest of my week's vacation with my grandmother being able to enjoy her garden so I resorted to calling animal control to remove the snake. I made sure to call a control that was animal friendly.

They came the next day with one of those cotton bags to put the snake in. Sure enough they wrangled the snake with a wire and dropped him gently in the bag.

Releasing the snake into the woods
Considering that our woods are full of different types of creatures and my grandma's house was in a rural area it wasn't hard for them to drive out a few miles and let the snake go in some brush, no trouble at all.

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