A unique facial massage... with snails!

by Alex

Spa treatments become stranger and more unusual every day. One of the new trends in cosmetology is a facial massage using snails. The first people who discovered healing properties of snails were owners of a farm who were engaged in breeding snails in France. A skin on the hands of the workers who contacted with clams was always gentle and smooth as a baby. Moreover any damage and scratches healed much faster than usual. It was obvious for people to start using these gifts of nature in medicine and cosmetology.

Nowadays many French and Japanese companies offer creams and masks based on snails’ mucus. Hundreds of elite beauty salons around the world offer a facial massage with alive snails. The mucus of snails contains an elastin, collagen, allantoin and glycolic acid. These substances have antioxidant, regenerating and antibacterial features. A regular massage with snails helps to fight with stretch marks, scars, warts, burns, acne and aging skin changes. Women are ready to pay much to try this procedure. But why should you pay a crazy money if you can have such healing snails in your own house?

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