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Ever thought about having your own website? Here is my honest account of how I choose my package and what I have found by using it - over time.

My site has been produced using the Ken Evoy product called SBI Site Build It. After a lot of research I took the plunge and bought the software and have not regretted it at all, in fact, quite the opposite.

If you are thinking about getting your own, I do HIGHLY recommend this product to you for the following reasons:

Ken Evoy and his team at SBI will certainly be there to help you with your own website business.

1. There is an abundance of information available when you first start. There are ebooks to download on every aspect of not only creating the site BUT importantly HOW to market the site.

2. There are online Forums available for SBI owners where cheerful and professional SBI owners come in and answer all sorts of questions you may have.

3. Ken Evoy himself is in the forums almost daily and answers questions and queries from members on a VERY regular basis. This is not a product you buy where the owner is off somewhere leaving you to stumble around without assistance, he is there offering ongoing support which I find extra-ordinary.

4. You pay for what you get, there are no other fees or charges apart from the yearly subscription. No ugly hidden costs.

5. SBI are always updating the manuals as things change on the net. They do not charge extra for this.

6. SBI staff keep up to date with changes in search engines, spiders etc. I don't have to be involved in that at all.

7. I don’t have to worry about anything technical, just keep working on my site, SBI do the technical homework for me.

8. SBI is set up so that everyone can use it. The high tech people are there using SBI websites as well as people like myself. I am not technically minded and can still achieve this website using the SBI manuals, Forums and support.

SBI is ALWAYS offering advice and know-how on creating income from my site. This is a MASSIVE point for you to consider.

The experience of my friends who do NOT use an SBI website

I have many friends and business acquaintances that have websites and all of them struggle to just break even financially, in fact, I don’t think any of them have made one cent from their sites.

  • None of them use an SBI website.
  • None of them have any idea of how to market their site.
  • Most don’t even know they should market their site.
  • All believed they would make money by simply just having a site on the web.
  • None of them keep adding content to their sites.
  • None of them know of new and recent changes to web marketing.
  • All of them consider their sites to be a failure, I didn’t want to be like that.

Once I understood the principles of the SBI product I decided to create this website about my passion for sustainable gardening. The SBI manuals, Forums and marketing tools have enabled me to achieve something I did not think possible.

I have always thought that if I did a website it should be about my professional life, I had not realised it is so rewarding, financially and intellectually, to have a site about my hobby.

I invite you to have a look at the Ken Evoy SBI product here.

Take your time, bookmark the page, read the information they offer, think about your own interests and how you might be able to create your own website, as I have done. Solo Build It is a fantastic opportunity.

Its great fun AND I am earning money with it

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