Wollemi Pines Auction

The Wollemi Pines Auction was for the most extraordinary plant, thousands of people viewed the plants prior to auction day but only a few could afford to buy.

Sotherby’s International Auction House had the honour of auctioning the release of a very limited number of plants. On October 23rd 2005 at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney 292 Wollemi Pines were sold at auction and the total raised was in excess of One Million Dollars.

A staggering $150,000.00 was paid for 15 trees which were grown from one of the original existing trees at the Wollemi National Park. This set of 15 trees is known as the Sir Joseph Banks Collection. The average price was $3600.00 for each plant.

In April 2006 thousands of plants become available for public sale here in Australia for about $55.00 each.

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