Wollemi Pine photos

These Wollemi Pine photos were taken on March 25th 2006, the last week of our Australian summer.

I had taken delivery of this rare and endangered plant that same day and got the camera out to start a visual record of this astonishingly different plant to share here on my site.

I have quite a few Wollemi Pine pictures here. You can see quite well the features that make this living fossil so unique.

Wollemi Pine photo

This is how the plant arrived. The outer cardboard layer is very firm and protects the plant well. When you remove the cover you find on the reverse side a month by month account of how to care for the plant and what to look for as the time passes.

Wollemi Pine picture

Here you can see the lighter green leaves which are new. The white spot you see is actually a white sap oozing from the main stem. This will result in a new bud which in turn will result in a new branch.

Wollemi Pine pic

The white pinkish crown on the top of the stem is called a Polar Cap. Just beneath that you see the sap and just below and to either side of that you can see two new shoots coming from the main stem.

I expect these shoots will turn into branches over time.

Wollemi Pine photograph

Another photo showing the Polar Cap, new sap and new buds.

Jurassic Tree picture

Notice the 'Apple Green' color of the new leaf. This actually unfurls over time like a normal fern leaf.

A photo looking down on the Wollemi Pine. You can notice it is a dark green.

Wollemi Pine bark photo

This is a photo of the trunk of the tree at about 18 months of age. As time progresses it will develop a most unusual texture. The small green spikes there now are very firm to touch and dark green.

This is a good photo to show the difference in shade from the old to the new growth. The new leaves are really like 'Apple Green' and contrast very well.

Wollemi Pine polar caps photo

The Latin name for this new plant is Wollemi Nobilis.

Wollemi Pine leaf

The leaves harden during the cooler months and have a pinky - bronze tinge with new growth.

The ends of each leaf develop Polar Caps which look like Christmas decorations.

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