Vegetable Companion Planting for The Red Garden

This vegetable companion planting garden was lovely to design, lovely to draw, lovely to plant, and more than lovely to look at and especially lovely to eat. I just had to call it The Red Garden as that’s the main theme you saw when you looked at it.

It was just so productive I was amazed. The entire area became a forest of activity, color and texture. The red geraniums around the edges interlaced with the Cos lettuce was spectacular to say the least as you can imagine. When the tomatoes ripened to a deep red it was fantastic to see, almost too good to eat.

I personally researched this combination myself, planted it in my own garden and can verify that it was quite successful. (The caveat on all of my designs is that I did use the Raised Bed Gardening – No Dig Gardening style of soil preparation).

There is such great drainage at the edges of the Raised Garden Bed style of gardening. this is fantastic for lettuce.

I am calling these red peppers and capsicum as they are known by both names depending where you live.
I planted six of these and they looked so lush and healthy.

I had four tomato plants along the back of the garden as they were the tallest plants. I had access to the garden from all four sides which prevented me having to walk over it.

I can't help myself but I love making the borders of my vegetable gardens pretty and these red geraniums were spectacular with the lettuce.

I had several geraniums in pots I had grown from cuttings and was looking for something to place in between the lettuce. One of my better gardening decisions! The flowers bought the bees which was great for pollinating my vegetables.

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