Vegetable Companion Planting for The Curved Garden

This vegetable companion planting design came about because I had a curve along my pathway at home and wanted to see how productive and visually pleasing I could make it.

It proved to be quite a talking point as it really did turn into a near jungle of every shade of green. I particularly loved the strikingly deep blue viola around the edges, that really did frame the garden well.

I personally researched this combination myself, planted it in my own garden and can verify that it was quite successful. (The caveat on all of my designs is that I did use the Raised Bed Gardening – No Dig Gardening style of soil preparation).

The carrots really grew well, their roots went deep into the ground and were not hindered by the more shallow rooted onions.

I planted two varieties of onion in this garden.

Viola - I use this plant a lot for my companion planted vegetable gardens as it is a low plant and gives a nice ground cover which helps protects the garden from the hot sun. The deep blue flowers are quite pretty as well.

The lettuce was ready for harvest much sooner that the carrot and onion. I planted the Cos which I prefer because you only cut off the leaves you want to eat that day, the plant will grow new ones. This is such an efficient plant, saves making empty space in the garden by having to pull a whole plant and keeps providing food for a long time.

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