Vegetable Companion Planting for The Circular Garden

Vegetable companion planting is a fascinating area of gardening, one that I take a particular interest in.

This design is for the Circular Garden as you can see, it incorporates the use of carrots and celery around the edges with three tomato plants in the middle.

The edge becomes a very attractive mix of shade and texture, the carrots with their fine lacy leaves and the celery with it's majestic firm stalks.

The diameter of the circle is small enough so that you don't have to trample over the garden to pick the abundant tomatoes you will get.

I personally researched this combination myself, planted it in my own garden and can verify that it was quite successful. (The caveat on all of my designs is that I did use the Raised Bed Gardening – No Dig Gardening style of soil preparation.

Any variety will do, I choose three diffent ones just for taste variance. You can buy these as seedlings at varying heights, make sure you choose healthy plants to begin with.

Remember that with celery you don’t have to pick the entire plant, just carefully cut off the outer leaves from the plant and it will continue to grow new leaves. Keep cutting the leaves off evenly around the garden and the celery will always look abundant.

I bought carrot seedlings, the roots do grow slightly twisted at times but they did grow really well. I particularly liked the foliage which you can put into salads or juices.

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