Snake FAQ Part 2

Snake FAQ Part 2 teaches even more ways to create a snake safe garden

Snakes in trees over winter

As cold bloodied animals the common garden snake need to find a warm spot over winter. It seems they can nestle into holes in tree trunks if they can get in deep.

The trunk of the tree offers thermal heat and they stay there until the hot weather arrives.

At the moment our boxer dog is way too keen on the trunk of this wattle tree, she goes over to it, places her nose right onto the trunk where there is a hole and breathes really deeply then looks back to us.

We have blocked off the area where the tree is now and she can’t get there anymore. Not sure if there is one hibernating in there but don’t want to take any chances.

There is something in there for sure as she is agitated when near it which is not normal for her.

Just to keep you updated on this.

Turned out there were field mice living in the lower part of the trunk. I have no problem with field mice normally BUT they were living within a few feet of the house so they HAD to go. No mice = no snakes.

Snakes can hibernate and breed around the bottom of electric light

poles.Just learned this one from the man who came to check our wooden electric light pole for any termite damage. He had to dig down right beside the pole about 18 inches and test the wood.

In doing that he said they often cut into snakes hibernating up against the wooden pole underground as the wood offers thermal warmth. He mentioned to me they often use that location as a breeding nursery.

Snakes don’t often go into open areas, they mainly hug the edges.

In all of our experiences we have never seen one out in the open grass, they have always been travelling along the edge of rockeries, fencing, walls etc. Of course, they do go into the open areas if they have to travel across them at some stage, but we have always seen ours hugging the sides of some fixture.

Makes them harder to see initially but you can follow their progress this way if you need to.

Keep following the arrow for more garden snake ideas

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