Start your own Raised Garden Bed No Dig Garden

My Raised Garden Bed No Dig Garden receives a lot of positive, unsolicited feedback from all around the world. It is pleasing to know that so many people are finding this sustainable gardening technique easy to do and rewarding.

Have a read, see for yourself what other gardeners have to say. Feel confident that your decision to buy is endorsed by many other gardeners who have already built this garden and been happy with it.

* 'Thank you so much for these designs. It gave me the step by step instructions that I needed. Most of the other information I have read on this subject gives the principals but for somebody without much gardening knowledge this was exactly what I needed to get started.'

* 'So inspiring, I went out the next day and started my own, it's as easy as Robyn says. I just followed her instructions and it worked like a dream.'

* "I had just about given up trying to do my own No Dig Garden as the articles and videos I had seen just seemed too brief and confusing. The whole family made our first No Dig Garden in one day."
Sarah and family

* "The photos were fantastic, such a help, we had no trouble at all and the veggies are growing well as promised"
Mike and Anna

* "I duplicated Robyn's Companion Planting design exactly and it has WORKED LIKE A DREAM!!!!! This is the only site plan that I have ever seen and it was so easy to follow. Thanks Robyn"

* "I wasn't expecting to make a veggie patch this summer, but the simplicity of this design has convinced me to start one."
Frank Unger

* "This is an inspirational vegetable garden design for young and old, the experienced and inexperienced gardener. It provides simplistic helpful direction and step by step photos that are easy to understand. It proves a vegetable garden can be inexpensive and enjoyed by all".
Sue Fleming - Horiculturist

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