Raised Garden Bed No Dig Garden ebook chapters

The Raised Garden Bed No Dig Garden ebook chapters are here for you to see.

* 14 Distinct and separate chapters from my How to make a Raised Garden Bed No Dig Garden ebook. Each chapter is easy to read and understand for any gardner - all have photos to support you. This ebook has been used by many people in many different countries and everyone - without exception - has been able to understand the instructions because I have made them very detailed and clear.

* There are more than 30 large color photos of my own Raised Garden Bed for you to see, that really does make it easy.

* A separate graphic of the actual layers of the garden, to scale! Just print that off and take it into the backyard with you, I just can't make it any easier for you.

Choosing the Site

In my garden there was really only one place suitable for the Raised Garden Bed - No Dig Garden. See photos of the location chosen and find out about the assets and limitations of that particular site.

Newspaper Layers

For the Raised Garden Bed component we actually lay newspaper over the existing surface. Here I have photos showing you HOW to lay the paper. Learn how thick the paper needs to be, how wet the paper should be and what types of paper you can use. All of your questions are answered here and you can see photos of me laying the paper in my own garden.

Raised Garden Bed Sides

See how I made the sides for my own garden, it was easy, simple and I could manage it on my own. Remember that as the plants grow they often drape over the sides and cover the them.

Layering the Compost

The compost is a critical component as you know, this mix is so important. Photographs of me actually layering the compost. Learn what sort of compost you can use, how thick you should make the compost and what else you can put in this most important layer. Also get some more ideas of what where to get compost from for your own Raised Garden Bed.


As most gardeners know it's really important not to keep stepping onto the garden as this will compress the soil and hinder the health of the plants. With my garden I accommodate that in the actual design process.

Top Straw Layer

With this particular style of garden we place straw as the final layer. Find out what types of straw you can use and ideas on how to source this for your own Raised Garden Bed No Dig Garden. See how thick to place it.


To keep my dogs out of the garden I placed a temporary fence around to protect it, this gave me heaps more space for growing climbing plants!!

How to plant the seedlings in straw

There is a special section here with 6 photos showing you exactly how to plant your seedlings. I was amazed at the amount of questions I received about this one point. As a result I have provided easy step by step clear instructions and more than enough photos to alleviate any queries you may have.

Vegetable Garden Pests - Snails

Not everyone considers snails to be pests but when it comes to my young fresh new seedlings - I do! Here I cover the way in which I dealt organically with the snails. This detail is in the ebook as well as here on the website as a free offer for you to take advantage of.

Vegetable Garden Pests - Birds

In the early stages of the garden's development there was a need to have some protection from birds. Here you get to see all the methods we employed in the hope of preventing them from digging up the top layer for worms and taking the straw away for their nests.

Water Requirements

This was one of the greatest achievements of the Raised Garden Bed No Dig Garden. It is a staggering fact there I only watered this garden for the first two weeks, and it still thrived even though our summer temperatures get to over 40 degrees (100+) at times. (Where I live in Australia we have just started our 8th year of official drought so water saving gardening ideas are a massive asset.)

Progress Report

Well it's all very well to build the garden and care for it but here I tell you how the garden grew - over time. Because it existed in my own suburban backyard I provide you with items of interest from my gardening diary.

Individual Vegetable Report

I report on each and every single vegetable I grew in the garden - all 17 different varieties. I mention how they survived, any problems I encountered, what worked, what didn't work, what I do differently now, what I do the same and how much harvest I received.

Removal of the GardenNow you see it - now you don't. Here you can see what my backyard looked like before and after.

Sounds ok so far?

In addition you also get a diagram graphic in color of the layers of the garden - this you can print off and take outside with you so that you can be really sure the various depths are correct according to the instructions. You just can't make a mistake if you follow this plan.

Even though I offer the 4 vegetable companion planted garden designs on the site I also included them in your ebook for easier access.

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