Permaculture is about functional intelligent design

One of the main concepts in Permaculture is that everything we do has consequences for the environment - to varying degrees. As a result of this we endeavour to create designs that reduce the damaging impact on non-renewable resources. We endeavour to design for sustainability - overtime.

You can learn ways in which you use these principles to achieve a more sustainable garden such as with your soil, water, organics, pest control and all other aspects of your garden.

In fact, I used these principles when designing, building and maintaining my own Raised Garden Bed - No Dig Garden.

PDC designs endeavour to create a cooperation between people and nature. Integrated designs allow for more diversity and greater stability of the environment.

When disasters occur around the globe qualified Permaculture activists are employed to design sustainable living conditions for the displaced population.

This is one of the main modalities used by many relevant World Aid agencies in emergencies.The method designed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in 1974. Today there are thousands of graduates and it is taught and practiced all over the world. Learn more here

It is a unique methodology that enables the graduate to apply these principles for designing a balcony garden, gardens for the elderly, gardens for the disabled, prisons, schools, city farms, community gardens, farms, aquaculture, shelter, green technology, etc.

If you're interested in becoming qualified see here for my thoughts on how to choose the right teacher and course.

It works equally well for the rural or urban situation and for all types of environment - from the desert to the tropics and all in between. This is undoubtedly the very best I have found for integrating a working knowledge for sustainability. My course allowed me to use the skills in both my urban garden and rural property.

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