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What is the title of the course?

Permaculture Design Certificate often referred to as the PDC.

How long does the course take?

The course is 72 hours duration normally with 60 hours of course work and 12 hours of site excursions. Normally these courses are run over a straight two-week time frame. They are often held 'on site' in the country at the teacher's Permaculture property where camping or basic cabin accommodation is provided.

Who can attend?

There are no pre-requisites. Anyone can attend the course, just make contact with the teacher and settle any specific enrolment details with them, such as accommodation, payment etc.

Is there any reading I should do before I arrive for the course?

Ask your teacher when you first enrol, they may have some specific reading material they recommend.

I don't really know much about Permaculture, will the other students be more experienced than I am?

Much of the course content will be new to everyone on the course, it is a level playing field for all students. This is very much a skill-based training, you will all be learning at the same rate and together as a group.

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What age groups attend the courses?

All age groups. When I did my course the youngest was about 18 and she had vast experience as a farm volunteer on organic farms and has since been travelling to all parts of the world using her skills. The oldest was in her 50's, they had retired to the country on a few acres which was a heavy clay soil and she was there to learn how to design the entire site as well as manage the soil conditions.

What types of occupations attend the course?

I have met many people from all walks of life who have attended a Permaculture course. Their occupations are just as diverse as there are occupations in the Yellow Pages of the phone book, plumbers, engineers, bankers, trainers, IT specialists, farmers, housewives, disabled people, prisoners, school children, schoolteachers. It does seem to me there is no 'type' of occupation here in Australia who attends this course, it could be anyone at all.

Are most of the students extremist greenies though?

Not in my experience, not at all. Sure there are varying personal beliefs and values within the group, but there are in any group of people. The training I attended was clearly and cleanly focused on the Permaculture content. Believe me, we were all too absorbed and interested in the course than spending much time chatting to each other about extraneous non-related issues.

I am still not sure if I want to do the course, what now?

Make contact with a local Permaculture group and /or teacher, get some books and have a read, talk to people you know, they may know more about it than you think they do. There are some good websites where you can get information, join mailing lists, join online clubs perhaps, find out where they are having site visits in your area and go along to those.

Keep your interest alive - feed it

Even if you never get to attend the actual course you can still benefit from accessing the content and starting to change your environment according to Permaculture principles.

Hopefully my Permaculture FAQ has helped you make a decision.

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