My Permaculture Course

I chose my Permaculture course and teachers for several reasons. They previously lived quite near my house so knew my growing climate - that was important to me. They ran the course from their own 15-acre Permaculture designed site in the country which was approx a 90-minute drive from my house, so they were relatively local. I found the course advertised in my local paper and phoned up - spoke at length with both Naomi and Rick Coleman.

I was impressed with
1. Their obvious extensive knowledge of Permaculture.

2. The fact they had their own working Permaculture designed site and were not 'armchair' teachers, they really did get their hands dirty.

3. The idea that as a young family (Rick and Naomi with their two very young children - now 4) had travelled the world teaching Permaculture to underprivileged communities was something that did impress me a lot.

It was obvious to me I would really gain a lot by doing my Permaculture course with them.

Their property was well developed by the time I did my PDC. It was a tremendous advantage to see with my own eyes Permaculture theory turned into very effective and efficient practices as it is at their place. The intelligence of their site design is a joy to see. Have a look for yourself, if you decide to attend a course with them remember to say I recommended you :) I am sure that you will gain skills with them you take with you for your whole life.

They freely shared their extensive international Permaculture experience. That really did make the course come alive as they translated raw content into exotic stories of their overseas work in the Middle East, India and South America.

My Permaculture Course was a cataylist for change

I can say that as a direct result of my attending the PDC my family became VERY keen to move out of the city and onto a few acres of our own out in the country - which we have done. This was not part of my outcome when I first enrolled in the course and it came as quite a surprise to us when we realised that was where the course had ultimately lead.

I highly encourage you to delve into the opportunity of gaining more knowledge. It is certainly a methodology that encompasses a vast array of skills.

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