Metal Tree Protector

This metal tree protector was a blessing when we did our ‘tree change’ and moved from the city onto five acres out in the country. In fact, we found several of these  left behind by the previous owners. I know they look rather ramshackle and home made but they really do a great job.
I am proud to say that when we left the property nine years later we did leave many new and established trees even though we had experienced one of the worst droughts in history. Much of this was due to this particular design and that we had so many of them.

So cheap to make but also so efficientThese simple wire frames saved so many of our trees

The wire is the sort you find on clothes hangers and to be honest I’m not sure if they purchased these or made them, either way they were a true benefit to our young plants.

They are not that easy to see in the photos as the wire is rather thin, but it’s a strong, stable wire and very durable. The bottom has long spikes that get pushed into the ground to make it secure and the spikes are about 10 inches or 25 CM long.

What I particularly like about this design is the fact the plants are totally exposed to the elements. All of the available sunshine and rain can be easily accessed by the plant.  This is not the case with many of the tree protectors I have seen.

The metal tree protector kept the horse away

He isn't too sure if he is allowed to eat this many rosesHorses love eating roses and ours helped with the annual pruning

Although we had no stock on the land we did share a horse with the next door neighbour and Eee Haw was always keen on new plants and could very easily knock them down just by standing near them. We learned early on we had to protect them from his lumbering body.

At one stage our neighbour arrived home with a goat and they eat just about everything. We were very pleased to learn it was not possible for the goat reach in far enough to the new plants to actually destroy them. Eventually the goat was passed on to a new owner and our plants thrived once again.

There is a genuine possibility determined animals will be able to push this particular metal tree protector over. We thought the goat would eventually work out how to push it all over and gain access to the new plants.  We just placed some wooden stakes around the outer perimeter of the metal cage and that stopped the goat being able to get close enough to the plant.

If you need to have tree protectors out in the open fields/paddocks or even around the garden I do recommend this design for larger plants. They are cheap, sustainable and well designed.

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