Garden Snake

Not everyone has to contend with learning how to deal with a garden snake, if that’s you, then, lucky you!

We have become quite experienced in finding and preventing them in our house garden. We had always lived in towns or suburbs and even though there were probably some around we certainly had never encountered one.

It was a total shock to learn they were at our new home and there in abundance as it turned out.

I have lost count of the amount of times I was within striking distance, I even trod on one once!

Where we used to live we had to contend with the following

* Brown - Pseudechis australis
* Tiger -
Notechis scutatus
* Copperhead
* Whip
* Redbellied black

All of them are extremely venomous – all are in the top ten most venomous in the world. We lived in a very small rural area and during summer an average of 5 dogs were bitten each week by a garden snakee with less than half surviving. That is just so distressing and I hope these pages will help prevent some of these deaths.

Some people use bird netting

Why oh why do they go under the house

Clean up fallen fruit and compost

Old piles of rubbish need to be cleaned up

They loose their habitat during floods

Take care around the woodshed

Wonder why they like rain tanks


How our giant schnauzer reacts with them

Our boxer has a very different approach to copperheads

Cats can be good hunters

Our first experience

Vitamin C report


More facts and information

Even more information

List of them in the US

You can live in the countryside and share it with these interesting neighbors so long as you become educated and make smart choices about your environment. They are very much part of life in rural Australia, you just have to accept that. They certainly make an unusual garden pest and stories of our adventures with them keep our city friends enthralled - it might also explain why they prefer to visit us in the cold winter months.

I live in Australia. I know many of you reading my site come from the US.

Regardless of where you live the best way to reduce snakes in your garden is to stop providing them with shelter, food and water. You can see many different ideas on these snake pages to help eliminate your snake population without resorting to killing them or getting bitten yourself.

With intelligent garden design there should be no reason to kill a snake.

Get educated here.

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