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Here you will find my Garden Links Page, I have some very diverse links here, all fitting in with my sustainable gardening theme to some degree or another.

You will find links here to different countries and cultures, some are commercial sites, some are from hobby gardeners.

Miles Stair has an astonishing amount of gardening knowledge. Practical and user friendly, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you have a look for yourself. I particularly like his own personal book called 'The Secret Garden'. It's full of fantastic information on what food plants to discreetly grow amongst flowers.  There is also a massive amount of information there regarding garden tools. This is all provided from his own personal experience as a VERY experienced gardener.

G. Miles Stair with Bette Stair
A step by step guide to raising honeybees for maximum production.
Also includes How to treat for bee mites.

Local Food Sandusky is a wonderful site where you learn to grow food in your yard, even if you don't have a yard. I do like this site as there are some wonderful ideas to stimulate our gardening brains.


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