Free Embroidery Design

I hope this FREE embroidery design will help you to make your own Monet’s garden. Even though I have mine for sale you are probably the type of person who likes to embroider and may fancy making one of these yourself.

The outlines here depict the actual hills in the background and the banks on either side of the pond. I suggest you print off the black and white design and also print off one of the finished pieces.

That way you can more easily see how I have done mine if you wanted to make yours more of an actual copy.

You can choose any type of colors you prefer, with mine I have chosen a vast array of color as that is my style.

I do think it would look lovely as a color theme though, say mainly done in pinks to compliment the water lilies, or yellow maybe.

This would look just gorgeous sewn onto a custom embroidery shirt, maybe in the centre of the back or across the front of a T-shirt. If you are sewing your own you could have custom patch embroidery and sew smaller ones for pockets for example.

I have also hand sewn some pieces of tinsel underneath the water part of my embroidery, you can only just see them glisten on certain angles, it does look nice though.

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