Endangered Plants

There are about 18,000 endangered plants listed at this point in time. “About 6% of the 300,000 identified species are endangered due to over collection or destruction of habitat, among other causes.” Quote from Wikipedia.com

See photos of my Wollemi Pine here

There are many Official Agencies devoted to saving these plants and they are asking for donations. Search the web for your favorite cause and start donating so that you are one of the many helping to secure the future for your chosen plant.

Another way to help out is to actually buy an endangered plant when they become commercially available and start to grow your own. Have a look here and see the Wollemi Pine Certificate of Authenticity I received when I bought mine this week (March 17th 2006).

This may sound like a difficult process, just how do you get your hands on one? These are now becoming available to the public.

You really must have a look here for the magical story behind the discovery and availability of the Wollemi Pine, often referred to as the Dinosaur Tree.

The discovery of this tree has been so important to the international community that the first 292 to go on sale were auctioned by the famous Sotherby's Auction House. Maybe you just don’t have the room in your own garden for such a large tree, why not band together with some other gardeners and donate one to your local Community gardens.

These need our help, it’s improbable we can help all 18,000 species, but we can help some. Gardeners are not just about growing pretty flowers, we are much more. Many of us are quietly growing rare, endangered and heritage plants, often just so the species can continue to exist. We do this with no fanfare, no reward, no recognition other than knowing we are helping to secure a future for our special tree.

See an update on my Wollemi Pine here

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