Does Vitamin C help with dog snake bite?

Dog snake bite has been a tremendous concern for us since moving to this current location. We learned about the properties of Vitamin C from a few locals who recommended it as an aid for snake bite for our pets.

We bought a couple of syringes and a bottle of Vitamin C liquid from a local pet store, it was really easy to buy here in Australia – not sure of other countries.

Our Vet's have divided views on using Vitamin C for snake bite first aid.

One says it will make no difference. The other Vet says it can help to 'buy time' which you need to get to the surgery for the snake anti venom.

When I pushed him recently for more detail on this opinion he admitted there was no evidence of it helping to save pets and as it does no real harm he has no problem agreeing to use it ONLY if the pet is on its way to the clinic for the anti venom.

Does Vitamin C help with snake bite?

Dog Snake Bite and Vitamin C ?????????

I did have detailed Vitamin C information on my website for years and also added information from a very experienced goat herder who had documented many experiences of snake bite from his local area. He had no evidence of Vitamin C helping save his goats.

After a while I found  I was getting attacked over varying views expressed by others here on the site regarding Vitamin C, some for and some against. Some of the emails I received were quite nasty which is un-necessary.

I am not going to take part in an ongoing discussion and have removed all of the information previously provided.

Life is too short to get involved in scientific jargon and arguments. Please do your own research and decide for yourself which way you want to go for your pets.

Our Vet Clinic does not recommend Vitamin C for dog snake bite

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