Vegetable Companion Planting for The Family Garden

This is the vegetable companion planting garden I grew and use as the demonstration using the Raised Garden design.

This plan is about the size of a normal car parking space.

I had tremendous success using both of those methodologies, the combination directly increased the health of my garden and resulting harvest.

Here I report all of the vegetables I planted AND why I placed them where I did

I used various resources to establish these combinations. I found information in various books, magazine articles, the internet, observation and advice from other gardeners.

At times the information was contradictory, I just did my best to try and get the correct combinations and that seemed work really well as the plants thrived. Just have a look at the advantages of creating your own vegetable garden plan.

I have not listed all of the possible combinations here for each plant, I have only listed the combinations that are relevant to my own vegetable garden. You may choose different vegetables to me, that will affect your choice of combinations.

If you need to know more possible combinations you will have to do your own research and make your own decisions based on that research. The possible combinations are infinite.

I listed all of the vegetables we preferred eating then worked out the combinations suitable for all of the 17 vegetable varieties chosen.

You certainly can produce a lot of food using this design.

See here for more Garden Design Plans

Make sure you

have a look at the full range as there may be one design specific to your needs. I have on offer. ALL ARE FREE and guaranteed to succeed IF the instructions are followed correctly.

Companion Planting Vegetable List here

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