Cat Snake Bite

It's interesting that a dog snake bite can be more deadly than a cat snake bite.

All of our pets are strays or rescue animals and Rusty is a rescue cat who arrived in 1989. When we moved to a rural area we were really mindful of having a cat and made sure she was always in at night and not able to kill any native wildlife.

To be honest at 19 years of age the only thing she kills is time. For ecological reasons we decided not have another cat once this one had gone.

BUT NOT NOW!!! – I just couldn’t imagine living here without a cat, they are great snake finders and for her to be biten is less dangerous than dog snake bite a lot of the time so it seems.

Cat Snake Bite

Rusty was our oldest pet - at 19 years of age she rules the household with a paw of steel. (She was laid to rest at age 23. Still had all her teeth but sadly dementia had set in).

She takes the middle of the couch, the centre of the largest cushion, somehow manages to get the most space on our bed, eats when, where and what she demands. We are her often exhausted staff - humans and dogs quake in fear at her displeasure.

She has a certain kind of way about her when observing a garden snake that makes us instantly aware there is one near the house.

If she sees one of us go over slowly to check it out she comes over as well, at times her diligence is un-nerving. Just when we think it’s safe - the cats tail starts to twitch and quiver!!!!!!!!

She never gets too close to a snake (your cat might though so watch for signs of cat snake bite), her intention just seems to be to make us aware that she has seen one.

(This last week she has shown an unhealthy interest at what’s under one of the beds where I stored some small boxes. In the end we gave in to her and cleared everything away – no snake was found but our cat has us well trained now. She seems to have worked out that when she shows too much interest we will clear out space for her little naps.)

We are back into the middle of the snake season again and are on high alert for signs the cat has seen one. Seems odd, but as soon as she warns us the first thing we do is bring the dogs inside as they probably won't survive a snake bite:)

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