Bee Sting Venom Therapy

Bee stings hurt, there are various types of bee sting venom therapy aids to alleviate the pain. Learn how to remove their barb and general first aid concepts for stings.

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Some people – like me – are allergic to bees, yellow jackets, wasps, whatever. Most allergic people have a mild reaction by the appearance of swelling at the site of the actual sting.

The Worker Bee is the one that stings and there are billions and billions of them around so we all have a relatively good chance of being stung at least once in our lifetime.

Bee sting venom therapy. Always suit up.

They have a barbed stinger which detaches when they sting. The poison sack attached to the barb continues to pulsate when embedded in your skin, continuing to pump venom into you even though they are dead.

You have to stop the pulsating action as quickly as possible as that will reduce the amount of venom you receive. Carefully scrape off or pull out the barb immediately, if you have the choice always scrape the barb off.

Commercial Bee Sting Kits

It's quite useful to be aware of bee sting venom therapy solutions and many people have their own bee sting remedy – these are mine in order of effectiveness.

* Small suction caps are available to draw out the venom.

* “Sting Kill Swabs” are available from drugstores or chemists, these neutralize the venom and reduce the swelling with an application of benzocaine.

* ‘Skeeter Stiks” containing 4% Iidocaine are also handy to stop the itch and swelling caused by stings.

* Anti allergy pills can also help reduce the swelling.

* I know that when I have been stung I keep applying the medication throughout the first day as that does help reduce the bee sting swelling.

Extreme Bee Sting Reaction

An extremely rare reaction to any type of venom is called anaphylactic shock. It must be repeated that this reaction is extremely rare, and people affected are much more likely to get stung while walking over a yellow jacket nest in the ground than from a honeybee pollinating flowers!

Unlike yellow jackets, European wasps and wasps, honeybees do not want to sting you. If they use their stinger, they die. All they want to do is collect nectar and pollen, and live happily within the colony!

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