Australian Snakes love a good woodshed

There is little worse in life than finding Australian snakes in the wood shed or woodpile out in your supposedly safe garden or yard. Trust me, I know as we have found a few.

On those cold winter days when you go out to restock your supply of wood for the house fire all you want to do is quickly get back into the cosy warmth of your home. The last thing on your mind is the need to start defending yourself against an attack from some of the most poisonous snakes of the world.

It’s not only us humans who need to get shelter from the cold winds, rain, snow, hail and sleet.

Wood piles and wood sheds are often home to mice, rats, rabbits and birds nests. In fact in winter they are in desperate need of shelter and the lower parts of a wood pile are dry, warm and safe from the elements.

Woodsheds are a fantastic breeding ground for snake food.

If you do need to go into the woodshed please take care.

Australian snakes in the woodshedLittle critters love making a home in the woodpile

Keep your eyes open to see if there are any mice etc as that may be a sign of predators which may cause you a massive problem.

If you have children then make sure you go out with your children to get the wood. If that’s not possible then at least spend some time educating them to the fact there may be snakes there and what to do if they happen to see one.

In our personal situation we often saw mice around our woodpile and within a couple of weeks we always saw a tiger snake or copperhead snakes around the area.

We took care to make sure we always wore heavy gloves when delving deeper into the woodpile and also checked where we were placing our feet.

On one particular occasion during a cold winters day my husband yelled out ‘snake’ and when I looked down I saw that I was actually standing on a small tiger snake.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are not a threat during the winter months.

This way to see how innovative Australian snakes can be

garden snake

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