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One thing about me is my love of nature and gardening. Many gardeners have become aware of the need to incorporate sustainable materials into their garden designs.  More and more we are all becoming educated in the do's and don'ts relating to water usage, soil, weeds, invasive plants, heritage plants and seeds and sustainable horticulture etc.  I find this very heartening and encouraging both for our environment and future generations.  

Growing up in Tasmania

In front of our rain tank in Tasmania

I grew up in a small seaside town in Tasmania, Australia in the 1950's.

Like most of our neighbours we had a substantial vegetable garden, chickens running around the backyard, compost heaps, fruit trees, wood shed, rain tanks, green house, clothes line, dog, frogs, birds and kids.

Almost everything was made from sustainable materials in those days.

Rich people ate chicken in restaurants while the rest of us were thriving on naturally grown vegetables, fresh eggs, fish caught from the sea that day, scallops, lobster, mutton birds when in season and kangaroo tail soup.

Mum used to claim, and rightly so, she had 14 different ways to serve scallops as she had long ago tired of us saying 'Oh no! Not scallops again'.

My grandmother and I with one of the our many lobsters/crayfish

Dad had old brown paper bags neatly stored in the linen cupboard full of seeds from the previous harvest, ready to be planted come the new season.

Mum spent hours and hours preserving vegetables and fruits, making jams, pickles, preserves and what seemed to be hundreds of toffee apples for us kids.

We grew up in those early years never knowing that 'take-away' or 'fast-food' even existed.

I hardly ever saw an overweight kid and high cholesterol and high blood pressure in children was a rarity, not like in today's society.

Every meal we ate as children was homemade, most of the ingredients were home grown and they were healthy, nutritious, non fattening and delicious.

My brother and uncle in the garden with the chooks

My friends were the kids in my street, we lived as neighbours, went to the same school and walked into each others houses as if it was our own.

I have seen a lot of places using the phrase 'it takes a whole village to raise a child', in our case it only took one street.

If it sounds ideal, it was. It was, fun, it was safe, it was my whole world and I loved every moment.

As an adult I moved to Melbourne, Australia and never really took to gardening at all. Although I lived in houses with established gardens I only did the barest maintenance, I paid for someone to mow the lawns and take away the clippings.

Every couple of years I would pay for someone to come and prune the trees and take away the cuttings. I may as well have been living on the 10th floor of an apartment building.

Our Family Vegetable Garden in Tasmania in the 1950's - 1960's

The love of Gardening

Then out of the blue, as does happen to some people I got 'whacked in the head' by the joy of gardening, all its intricacies, its secrets, its needs, its wants, what goes with what, what clashes, what compliments, what helps, what hinders and the list goes on and on.

I knew that gardening was such a massively diverse area and decided I would dedicate myself to gaining real, genuine skills in the specific areas of sustainable gardening and sustainable horticulture.

I had been living within the values of a sustainable urban lifestyle for some years anyway, so it was an easy transition for me to make towards sustainable gardening.

And who would have thought having a home dialysis machine could help create such a sustainable garden.

Taken at our property with my two 'helpers' Micki and Ezra

Sustainable Materials for our House, Garden and Business

I am also a trained and certified Permaculture Design Consultant which fits hand in glove with the values of sustainability.

I am always aware of the impact I am having on the environment and endeavour whenever possible to use sustainable materials, whether that be for the house, garden or business.

I hope this website will inspire and teach you new ideas in sustainability and the use of sustainable materials and also become an ongoing and ever developing resource for you.

Happy Gardening...Robyn

If you are interested in seeing some of my garden embroidery please have a look.

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